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February, 2008
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12/15/2015 9:55:47 AM
This is hilarious! At first, I thugoht it had to be an April Fools post, but no Google was actually "celebrating copyright" with no hint of shame.Does anyone else see the irony of Google trying to reposition itself as honoring copyright, when Google is arguably the biggest copyright scofflaw in history? Wire services, authors, songwriters, publishers, photographers, studios, programmers, and others have all sued Google for copyright infringement! The Viacom case court papers show a Google that purposefully chose to disrepect copyright as a business strategy. The Google Book Settlement has prompted DOJ and Register of Copyrights opposition for its disrepect of copyrights, among other problems. To review the litany of evidence of Google's profound disrespect of copyright, please see the intellectual property section of Scott Cleland Publisher & [url=]lsqfgryne[/url] [link=]rxrrgrr[/link]
12/14/2015 10:19:00 PM
Far more young Americans can name the judges of American Idol than can name a<a href=""> snlige</a> Supreme Court Justice. For that matter, more people voted for the American Idol finalists in 2010, than were cast in the US national elections that same year.Less than a quarter of eligible voters age 18-24 bothered to vote in 2010, vs 60% of those age 65 and older. Guess who gets to decide who can introduce what bills when, and who gets to decide if they even come up for a vote, much less whether or not they have the votes to become a law.Please explain how learning how a router works is going to fix that. the core class we aren’t teaching our kids that we need to be is Internet Architecture—that should be like government or civics classes are today: a prerequisite for graduation …We teach all high school students how a bill becomes a lawActually, we don't. Haven't for 15 or 20 years. Not in real America. Maybe in Norman Rockwell's America, or a corporate lobbyist's fantasy of the America they see through the windows of a jet flying 30,000 feet off the ground where actual people are too small and insignificant to be visible.In real, public school America, government and civics , as you talk about them, have either been:A) cut altogether (along with art, music and theater and everything else that makes for a better citizen/human being) during boom years, ironically, because go-go VC-funded digerati couldn't be troubled to support local taxes to better the public schools their affluent children didn't attend;or,B) redefined as Learning How Free Markets Work , in Our Christian America, in the same way ketchup was redefined as a vegetable for school lunches (and by most of the same people, whom most young Internet-savvy citizens couldn't be troubled to vote out of office).Throughout most of the non-North/Coastal America, in those states where there is *any* civics requirement, it consists of a<a href=""> snlige</a>, solitary unit, most commonly split into two parts, with half a unit dedicated to Free Markets (actual unit title) and the other half unit spent learning revisionist American history where Thomas Jefferson has been redacted and replaced by Phyllis Schlafly, and Newt Gingrich is considered a viable candidate for President of anything besides his own fan club. Not that most of the Northern/Coastal public schools are much better. They've mostly decided just not to teach the controversy.How a bill becomes law, or anything resembling traditional civics is long gone from public school education. And most colleges in America, public or private don't, in fact, require CS graduates, or anyone not majoring in the Humanities, to take a<a href=""> snlige</a> class, nary a<a href=""> snlige</a> lecture, in government or civics in order to graduate. Every community college in America does not provide the kind of education Wellesley and Oxford do. In point of fact, there are only a handful of traditional, liberal arts colleges left in this country, public or private the kind that think it matters as much whether you have read Milton, watched Madam Butterfly and appreciated Monet, as it does whether you can milk a VC for start-up cash using packet-switching flapdoodle.To appreciate the processes through which technical standards are agreed upon is not unlike appreciating the processes through which laws and regulations are agreed upon understanding how the Internet works is like understanding the way society is governed.Except in the ways in which is it totally different, which is nearly all of them. What this country needs is not classes about packet-switching in high school in lieu of teaching young citizens how bills actually become law in our representative, centralized, hierarchical, triple-branched, not-anything-like-packet-switching, American political & governance systems.What we desperately need is for privileged young digerati like you to spend a few weeks outside your IP tower educating and registering young voters in the poorest, least connected (in every meaning of the word) neighborhoods in America, explaining to them why their vote does matter. And/or lobbying taxpayers at the state and local level to restore public funding of public education, and for real-world civics to be taught to every American. Or here's a concept actually teaching real, non-packet-switching civics in an inner-city public school.Call it a civics vacation if that sound appealing, since the term public service is so out of vogue these days. Better yet, call it, Leveling up in America , since the latest net-dazzled answer to every real-world issue affecting the real lives of real people is to gamify it. You could run contests to see who can last longest among the great untwittered. It might be, dare I say it, educational.Among other things, you might deprogram yourself from the illusion that what is good for whatever corporation happens to be paying your bills to promote its corporate interests at the moment is inherently indistinguishable from what is good for America.Meanwhile, you know what the #1 response is going to be to this comment from the most Internet-savvy of your readers? TL;DR
12/13/2015 11:05:45 PM
Ve4ldigt intressant och ve4largumenterad arteikl av Nicklas Lundblad. Jag har ofta funderat om inte i samma termer se5 e5tminstone i samma banor som han. Den immateriella re4tten, eller e5tminstone evolutionen av den, e4r i mina f6gon oerhf6rt starkt knuten till den teknologiska utvecklingen av de medel med vilken information be4rs. Le5t oss anta en forntid de4r inga mf6jligheter att nedteckna information fanns, information kunde enbart spridas muntligen. Ingen skulle i en se5dan tid komma pe5 tanken att skapa en e4gandere4tt ff6r information. Ne4r information sedan kunde knytas till ett fysiskt objekt uppstod givetvis en e4garmf6jlighet och med den mf6jligheten till e4gandet av informationsbe4raren utvecklades en immaterialre4tt. Nu har vi ge5tt varvet runt och befinner oss i ett pseudotillste5nd de4r information be5de kan knytas till fysiska objekt och de4r det kan spridas i analogi med den muntliga traditionen. Givetvis kommer det he4r innebe4r att vi inte kan ha kvar en immaterialre4tt i den form som har uppkommit ne4r information var helt knutet till det fysiska objektet. Det e4r precis som Nicklas skriver, ingen realistisk framtid ff6r immaterialre4tten. Te4nk om fler te4nkte lika mycket som Nicklas iste4llet ff6r att a la Rojas skrika ut sin aggression mot e4gandere4tt ff6r immateriellt material och he4vda att allt delande av information skall vara laglig bara ff6r en majoritet av Sveriges unga inte tycker att det e4r ett brott att ladda ned en skiva.
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